I took some time debating if this chapter should be split into two, then I settled on one to avoid delving too much into private details…especially since it is not about me, mostly. Plus, I might have a problem of living freely, and I barely know what secrets are. But this is still juicy, I promise!

Recently I held a private party for my partner, Augustine… Let’s call him Ark…The first ever surprise party (or any for that matter) that I have ever organized and pulled off. The timing was at the peak of preparations for the end year examinations, just 48hours before the first paper. How would I convince all the invited friends to sacrifice their time! I underestimated the energy and time I would require to put everything together. Worse, the one person I could talk to about the difficulty of the situation was the one person not meant to know about it. Oh! I was alone.

I consulted his closest friend weeks before the day, 5th August. We made a budget and I immediately availed funds.  We formed a secret online group where all plans were made and communicated. I was super excited and had the hardest time keeping the secret myself… (um..I have a hard time shutting up in general).

I still cannot remember how I managed to reject Ark’s offer to escort me for shopping, but it must have had something to do with me mentioning how I was planning to buy soap amongst other things; and we both know how I can take years smelling all of them on the aisle before picking the very brand that I always pick. I annoy. So I, fortunately, went alone. A friend helped me hide the party food and items for a week. Sadly, the cake baker got bereaved a day before the party. I spent an entire night finding a trustworthy cake house online. I thank God for Valentine Cake House! I ended up buying two cakes, enabling us to celebrate two things- His birthday and our anniversary.

Loooovely company!

That morning I rose very early, my eyes still heavy from four days of lack of sleep.

I think I was doing this half asleep for sure..

Four hours later, his friends turned up. All the invited!! And in time!!

It was a chilly morning,  and we stuffed ourselves in my small college room.  He was away, and I rushed to pick the freshly baked cakes from town. I had the cakes in time, no disappointments! One lady kept her eyes on him and alerted me as he neared the venue, unaware of the on-goings. I then went to meet him and diverted his route; then  prepared his looks for the party. I texted a code of how I would knock the door when ready. And when the time came all the lovely friends shouted, SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!

Oh! He must have died for a moment there…he hates attention! (And this journal entry is making matters worse)

A few of the invited friends


Everything went as planned, and we gave gifts which we had all bought. ( I have really tried to summarise)

Birthday cake
Anniversary cake



Awkward rituals..



Towards the end of the celebrations, a friend asked deep questions to each of us…now in relation to the anniversary bit: Why her? Why him? What made each of us choose the other? What stands out? She was stern and required just one answer, but as it turned out we concluded it is hard to sum up everything into one word. And she is largely a huge part of the genesis of this chapter. Here is a list of 31 answers to “Why Augustine”. If August had more days I’d probably give more answers:

1. Ark  is a man devoted to God.


2. And he tags me along to ensure I am also devoted to that same God.


3. He speaks with gentleness… Um… except in the football pitch.

4. He spreads God’s word.


5. And is a doer.

6. He is simple.

7. But sometimes stubborn…very stubborn.

8. The looks! The looks too!! With the smile included. (So I get to throw a firm side eye to “fisi-lets”. Wapeleke Sacco yao huko.) I even vignetted myself out of this photo ‘cause I just messed it. Hihi!



9. Ark is 98% adventurous, and 84.05% spontaneous…and mutating.


10. Totally weird 36.07% of the time

11. Perhaps it is the way he looks at me..


12. Again..


13. And again..



14.0 And again..

Like I’m from some weird planet and I just landed… And my space ship crew forgot to come back for me. *sigh*

14.8 Again…

Like there’s something he has just discovered and he must tell everyone to come see


14.9 Or..

Like, on second thought, he really shouldn’t call anyone to come see ’cause that would not end well.

15. Plus those times when I catch him stealing glances and it’s just too fast a moment to take a snap. hehe. I could pay one heftily for catching those moments.. *wink!*


16. Or maybe it is how he listens to me..


17. Again..


18. I am sure it is how weird he looks when he studies..



19. Though he can still pause to listen again.



20. But it could be his creativity.


21. Or that he can sing to me..


22.0 And with me..


22.9 Again.


23. I am certain it has lots to do with that he picks fresh morning flowers by the roadside. Who does that!


24. And fixes them on my hair.. who does that?!!! 


25. That Ark writes letters.

(… Private. No image, Poky-nose.)

26. Dances as we walk down the street… Not crowded ones, don’t get me wrong.

27. Laughs at me when I mess up. (Mild messes. Coz if he laughs at huge ones I’ll get mad.)


28. Then helps me through the messes.

29. That he gets and accommodates my crazy.

30.0 And the earnest with which he seeks to know more of God and to be a better person. For God, for himself and for others.

30.8 I know it is also this..Appreciation and acknowledment.  



31 And this…


Behind a content woman in August 2016 was a man. And his name was Augustine.

It is no longer about prognosis. If I died tomorrow, let the entire world know I died a joyous woman. And I did not shy from making it known.




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